Sealed with a kiss...

Sunday, December 20

Alreirght I jus.t wanna find out what happens when I write a post while3 i'm completrely wasted..

Dont get me wrong., I'm not an addict..
I dont drink regularly. But whenI do, I make sure that I drink and smoke to the point wher I walk like a zombie and have to go to sleep cause another step would result in me throwin up my goddamn guts.

I've been listening to a lot of emotional music lately..

and by that, I dont mean the 'I slit my wrist cuz she stole my eyeliner' kind of emo crap out there these days.

This is some real music man!


The Velvet Underground - Heroin
It took a stoner to write it, and takes a stoner to get it.
Many of my pals didnt lioke it. maybe I should make them smoke some dope and try again

Radiohead - How to disappear completely
What''s a playlist wiothout some radiohead threown in.! This song is my absolute favorite from Radiohed.
"I walk through walls.. I float down the liffey.."
I want this one played at my funeral. and I MEAN IT!!

Coldplay - The Scientist.
You know., if you listen to one song continuously during a spoecific period, and then you listen to it after a long time, memories come gushing in..
This song is no exception, and it's just lovely.
and did i mention it's my official dope son g?!

Megadeth - A tout le monde
goes on to prove that a song doesnt hav to be mellow to sound sad.
angry guitars can be just as sad..
man, this one I'd definitely certify at their best, and the reaasonIm such a goddamn diehard megadeth fan

Sigur Ros - Staralfur
Sigur Ros sings in a mede-up lenguage, cause they believe words are not necesary to create beautiful music.
I'd call this track 'ethereal', cause it is.

othre songs in heavy rotation:

Alice in chains - nutshell
Katatonia - soil's song
Megadeth - The hardest part of letting go
nirvana - Something in the way
countinG Crows - colorblind
Denali - lose me
Wihin temptation - somewhere
Gorillaz- feel good inc.
Collective soul -december
Radiohead- Creep

I know im noyt making any sense but

what the heck!