How to Revive a Dead Laptop Battery

Friday, September 24

Let's face it, nothing's built to last forever, and laptops are no exception.

My HP laptop has been gradually deteriorating for the last 5 years since it was bought, and now has a dysfunctional speaker, a touchpad whose left and right buttons no longer work, and a dead battery.

Well, one can do without the speakers (there's this thing called earphones), and the touchpad, but a laptop without battery surely has one foot in the grave.
Especially in our state of Kerala where power cuts happen almost everyday, proper shutdown soon becomes a pipe-dream.

Coming back to the topic, laptop batteries cost a fortune, atleast the original ones do. So before you throw that dead battery out the window and fish out that money outta your pocket, you might wanna try this as a last resort.. and trust me, it worked like a charm in my case.

So here's what i did, i removed the dead battery from the laptop, wrapped it fully in polythene (you can use a ziploc bag too), and kept it in the freezer for one whole day!

Now after a day, i took it out, dried it thoroughly till all moisture was gone, and replaced it in the laptop

I better show you the result than tell it, cause seeing is believing :)

This is the screenshot before freezing the battery:

And this one after the process:

Initially the battery backup wasn't that great. I was able to get only about 5 minutes. so I was somewhat disheartened by the result. But it seems to have regained its capacity over time and now i'm getting a steady backup of almost an hour ;)

So how's this possible?
Cryogenic sleep is rumored to preserve people for years and heal their wounds. Kirsten Stewart looked stunning after waking from cryogenic sleep in that crap movie Zathura. We all know aliens are preserved in cryogenic chambers in suspended animation at hangar 18.

Okay, the last paragraph was a load of bullcrap, but cryogenics is one fascinating topic and i got carried away to ranting about it. My sincere apologies :|

The truth is, the freezing process supposedly reverses some chemical reaction in the battery and this is what rejuvenates it. I don't know the specifics, but many people have had success with this method, so you can just google it and find out what makes it tick.

Anyway, if you are about to ditch your laptop's dead battery i suggest you just try this method. It worked for me, hopefully it works for you too.

Disclaimer: don't hold me responsible if something happens to your laptop, in the worst case it may blow up. Please ensure the battery is completely dry before reinserting.

Good luck :)

When Boredom Strikes...

Saturday, August 14

Too much free time on my hands has always made me do stuff that I consider ..well.. unconventional?

Normally, I'm a bit on the lazy side. Okay, I'll be honest and ask you to skip that "a bit" on the previous sentence.
I'm quite sure that when I get a job in the near future, and I'm asked to choose between an additional 1000 rupees remuneration , or a couple of extra holidays, I would readily choose the latter.. yeah I know, pathetic! :/

So I was naturally overjoyed when I got home after finishing college and parents asked me to stay home for awhile and take care of my body.. and thus commenced a long streak of sleep, sleep., and more sleep :)

But turns out you get tired of even sleeping after a while.. gah! didn't see that one coming! :(

even sleeping in unusual and weird positions didn't help..
So I began doing stuff, not exactly 'useful' stuff by common man's standards..
all kinds of useless crap to help me kill time..
Heck, I even tried moonwalking..! no, not the dance move, I'm referring to some serious bouncing around in a mentally cooked-up 1.96ms^-2 gravity environment in my room.
you should try it too, it's SO much fun (provided no one is watching you)..

Thankfully, the holidays are almost over (never thought I'd say that), I joined a 3-month course and it begins in a few days.. So I had about one more week to waste, and here's how it went.

So here goes, some of the stuff I've been doing in the past week that can be classified as 'useful':

I Cooked..
whoa! I've never thought of me as a good cook, neither does my ex-roomies..
I did some cooking, the simple stuff, and turns out I can't screw up everytime :)

That's a simple omlette, nothin to brag about, but I DID put in a lot of vegetables and other stuff in, and I expected it to taste terrible.. I was reminded of the Irish Beef Stew from the book "Three men in a boat", where they put in whatever they could find in the boat (and montmorrency turned up with a dead rat :D )
.. but this one actually turned out pretty good :)

french fries anybody?? :)

Made a mouse pad...
Got tired of the mouse having a mind of it's on so took some time and made a simple D-I-Y mousepad, complete with a crappy paint job.

Made some Guitar Picks...
Playing guitar means a big portion of your pocket money goes toward buying guitar picks.. They have this mysterious ability of disappearing two days after buying them.. So I found a nice instructable on making picks from old CD's or DVD's.

made a 50 of these., which I calculated would save me about 1250 rupees in the long run :)

Tried some Origami..
Made some paper airplanes, no big deal.. I started out with more complex stuff like 'dragon-in-flight' and 'caterpillar-on-a-leaf' and 'Bouquet of primula' (whatever that is), but they turned out to be pure mindfuckery, so I had to give up and go browse the kids' sections :|

Screw that, here's my squadron ;)

and some quality time was spent engaging the models in "warfare"

"Suck on these!!!" **KABOOM**

Ah.. to be eight again! :)

I know, I seriously need help! :O
But glad this phase of stagnation is gonna end soon and I'll be back with my friends before I know it..

Until then it's just more cooking, testing them on the poor parents, paper airplane warfare, and yeah, moonwalking!

Sweet Dreams are made of these...

Wednesday, August 11

Okay, before you get sidetracked into thinking this post is about that demon-possessed dope fiend whose music I happen to like..,

it is about the art of lucid dreaming ;)

Well, so far my experience with lucid dreaming involves downloading an ebook on the same two years ago from wikibooks and then forgetting about it.. :/

Since I have so much time by my side right now, I decided to learn something I've always wanted to.
Alot of things turned up, but I narrowed it down to lucid dreaming and Ventriloquism.
and I decided to go with lucid dreaming (abbreviated as LD from here on), cause it's a lot cooler, and well, ventriloquism seems somewhat gay now that i think about it :|

Okay, so what the heck is a lucid dream, you might ask.
Simply put, a Lucid dream is a dream in which you are aware that you are dreaming. Ofcourse, most of us have experienced them, but usually we get too excited and wake ourselves up, while we could've carried on with the dream.

Doesn't sound cool enough? Okay, think of it like this...
you are in the middle of a dream, suddenly you notice something unusual and realise you are in a dream. So now you basically have a world open wide in front of you in which you are ..well, 'omnipotent' would be the right word!
So you wanna do somethin cool? just imagine the laws of gravity doesn't to apply to you.. and just feel yourself levitate..
fly, teleport, morph into a dragon, live your favorite video game,.. you know, when it comes to dreaming, your imagination is the only limit.. remember Matrix trilogy? ;)

Ofcourse, this stuff is not so easy to achieve as it sounds. For some new dreamers, it may take upto two or three years before they attain lucidity, while for most it can come down to a few months / weeks.
and then there are the naturals.. ughh.. they just have it in them! *goes green with envy*

anyway, my quest for lucidity begins tonight (I "started" two nights ago, but you know I get lazy.. :(

If you wanna have LD's yourself, the greatest resource I can point you to is the DreamViews website..
Check out the forum, there's a wealth of information there. The people seem to be helpful, and there are quite a few seasoned lucid dreamers there.. I have a feeling this place is gonna be my new haunt for days to come.
(and they dont do **** <-- this with the f-word, I hate it when forums do that!)

So, like most new LD'ers, I gotta make a checklist of goals that I wanna achieve.. let's see.. *evilgrin*

There's definitely gotta be a first phase to the checklist and that is:

* have a lucid dream :/

and when I'm past that...

* Fly
* pyrokynesis
* talk to my sub-conscious
* Morph into a praying mantis
* Flip off George Bush
* Spend a day in Pandora
* Kick Robert Pattinson in the nutts
* watch a star implode
* make out with Scarlett johansson ;)
* watch a meteorite wipe out the dinosaurs
* play at a Wacken concert
* play some foosball over at joey's apartment
* find my dream guide

Though most (if not all) of these aren't likely to work out, and this may die as yet another small time obsession, I've decided to see how far it goes.. and on the sidebar of this blog I'm gonna update the number of lucid dreams I have had.
it currently clocks in at a whopping ZERO, and will for a long time possibly, but still..

So I'm off to bed now, a couple of hours before my usual bedtime (but still a couple of hours after most normal people have gone to bed)..
wish me luck people..
sweet dreams :)

Mustaine: A Heavy Metal Memoir

Friday, August 6

Rock and Roll, and almost all of heavy metal, is a form of art that has always been penalised rather than appreciated by the society.
For the same reason, it is not often that rock/metal finds its way to the silver screen, or the printed media.
But when it does, the result is almost always pure awesomeness.
Whether you are reading Heavier than Heaven (an amazing read btw) or watching the Doors movie (note to self: write a post on rock/metal movies), you'll feel it ;)

Now to the actual point of this post..

One of the most anticipated books in heavy metal history, Dave Mustaine's 'Mustaine: A Heavy Metal Memoir' was released the other day (August 3rd to be precise).

Now if you haven't heard about this guy, or atleast the band Megadeth, you sir, have been living under a Rock!

Alright I've written many posts about them in this blog so I dont wanna go over it again, so just go give a listen to 'a tout le monde' and you'll know why you should know.

So, if you enjoy reading and appreciate a well-written biography, give this one a try.
And if you are a fan of the band, this one's a must read!

The reviews say it's a great read, not just for the typical metalhead. It comes off in a very conversationalist tone, honest and human, and Dave's sense of humor is still intact.
Ofcourse, I'm yet to read the book. but it is Mustaine, he never lets down ;)

Here's the description taken from the Amazon page:

" The fall and rise of a heavy metal icon

Dave Mustaine is the first to admit that he's bottomed out a few times in his dark and twisted speed metal version of a Dickensian life.

Impoverished, transient childhood? Check.

Abusive, alcoholic parent? Check.

Mind-fucking religious weirdness (in his case the extremes of the Jehovah's Witnesses and Satanism)? Check.

Alcoholism, drug addiction, homelessness? Check, check, check.

Soul-crushing professional and artistic setbacks? Check.

Rehab? Check (seventeen times, give or take).

Near-death experience? Check that one, too.

James Hetfield, with whom many years ago Mustaine founded a band known as Metallica, once observed, with some incredulity, that Mustaine must have been born with a horseshoe up his ass. That's how lucky he's been, how fortunate he is to be pulling breath after so many close calls. And Hetfield is right. Mustaine has been lucky.

He has been blessed. But here's the thing about having a horseshoe lodged in your rectum: It also hurts like hell. And you never forget it's there.

Mustaine has battled through it all to achieve dizzying heights. From the early, heady days of Metallica, being unceremoniously let go only to become a world-famous rock star—founder, front man, singer, songwriter, and guitarist (and de facto CEO) for Megadeth, one of the most popular bands in heavy metal—Mustaine's is a story that will inspire, stun, and terrify.

I have high hopes on this one. The people who have read it all say it's pretty awesome, so I guess I'll be reading it soon.

Here's the link to the amazon page if you wanna check it out or read some reviews:

Mustaine: A Heavy Metal Memoir

From the WTF file, another one..

Sunday, July 25

I dig Chinese food.. On occassion we go out and get our fix of the oriental stuff. and the best thing about it is that it's always unpredictable.. Either you get lucky or you end up tasting yarbles.

besides, some of the items in the menu just crack you up!
like this one for instance:

Read between the lines and you might see something(s) that will make you go WTF!!

LifeUpdate 3.0

Wednesday, July 21


It's been a while since I've dropped by, and the blog's been gathering dust..
The inactivity, well it can be blamed on my laziness alone..
but really, what else is an ex-engineering-student supposed to do during his post-BTech days, other than savor in the beauty of life laid back!

Anyway, I DID do some stuff during these days, so dont write me off as completely useless!
..and since i'm back here to get my blogging back alive and kicking (you know I say that everytime!), here's a quick update on what I've been upto:


Well I was not really a fan of sitcoms, mainly due to the fact that I hadn't watched any. (except maybe 5 seasons of South Park, but since when does cheeky toilet humor qualify as situational comedy? no offense to South Park fans, myself included!).
Anyway, deciding to watch f.r.i.e.n.d.s was the best thing I did to myself these holidays.
So, this friend of mine burned me all 10 seasons of 'friends' (I can't be arsed to do the dots everytime), and soon as college got over, I started with season one.
and I gotta say, I loved every episode! It got so much closer to awesomeness towards the end. 'The one with all the other ones' was especially emotionally charged..
So if you haven't watched it yet, I recommend that you do right away!
Hell, it ran its course for 10 full years, what more proof do you need!

Back to Books
Hell no, not text books again! That wont be until after six months when I'll return to college to face those dreaded backpapers!
I was talkin about the other books, the non-textbook books.
I had this habit of reading profusely when I was young, but that part of me slowly died away, unattended.
So now I've started reading again, and I started with 'The Shining' by Stephen King himself.
..and after a month and I'm at page 266, owing to the fact that I only read at night after 12 when I'm alone in my room, to add to the scare.
What I've read so far, it's been one hell of a horrorshow, and easily this is the scariest book I've ever read! :|

Another entry into my already huge list of obsessions. I've always wanted to try photography, but it being an expensive hobby, and me being generally stone broke, it seemed like a far-out idea.
But the other day, I was raiding the house to find anything that'd help me kill some time, and I came upon this old camera that my parents had tucked away thinking it was dysfunctional...
..turns out it wasn't! double rainbow baby! You shoulda seen me, happy as a pig in muck!! :)
So now I own a Canon PowerShot A620, and it succeeded in getting me out of my room.
And now I'm addicted, it's like I'm on Prozac, clicking away pictures like crazy. Sometimes I end up with one decent shot from one whole day of clicking, but hell, that one makes my day! :)

and here's my first real shot:

47 days and no drag
It's been a month and a half since I said no to my nicotine addiction and so far I've been faithful, well, kind of... I still get my temptations :(
and there was this one time when I was really pissed and needed a release. So I went out and bought a couple of them ciggis, and when I got back to my room I gave them a very surprised roommate.
I couldn't do it, and now when I look back on it, I'm happy I didn't :)


Well that pretty much summarizes all I've been doing (and not doing) these days.
A month and a half of joblessness, and missing college life.
Do I still miss my friends? yes. but I'm slowly learning to move on.
until I stumble upon one of those silly photographs.
or when I get a good sms and open my contact list to forward it to my friends, only to see that most of them are not here anymore, most of them in other countries :(
It is a moment of heartache, partly because I'm overwhelmed by memories..

..and partly when I think of the cost of an International SMS. No kidding, it's a fucking rip-off here!! o_O

bye bye beautiful..

Saturday, June 5

I sure can remember a time when vacations came and I packed my bags and left for home happily, yelling "Screw you guys, I'm goin home" (yeah, cartman style!)

Well now I've come to a theory that most kids wish the vacations never come when they embark on the final leg of their college lives.. It did in my case.
I dont feel like going home... and no, I have nothing against my folks.
It's just that there's something unexplainably good about sleeping on the hard floor once in a while and having to eat crappy junk food.. when it's with your pals, it feels goood :)

Well, it's all memories now, forever locked inside me and sealed with a kiss..
It sure brings a pang of sadness when I think about it, hell...@#

So, now that it's all over, I too have become one of those accidental engineers, one that did his time without causing too many accidents. and now i've come full circle, clueless about what to do next.. to quote the Good Will Hunting movie, "a cocky, scared-shitless kid". wish me luck.. I'll need it! :|

So here's bidding goodbye to all the beautiful things, thanks for the memories people :)
and i'm happy to say that I've bid goodbye to that beautiful disorder of mine. yeah, I'm referring to my Nicotine cravings. When I flicked out that last butt of cig the other night, I made up my mind never to take another drag... It will be hard, considering how low I feel right now and how much I need a release.. but, let's hope this works out :)

and what did I miss... :/

oh yeah,

"SCREW YOU GUYS I'M GOIN HOME!!" :P i can't :'(

College = \m/

Monday, May 3

They say, the hardest thing you'll ever learn to do is say goodbye...

Now, as I spend my last few days on my college, I think the bloke that came up with the above words deserves a big pat on the back.. there was a time when I woulda just scoffed at it., but now, no.. just no.

I'm sittin here half-awake right now, the copious amounts of coffee I've had and the several ciggies i've inhaled pulling me towards either side of the thin line between consciousness and unconsciousness..

I have a text book open at my side, crying for attention as I sit and type away mercilessly on my keyboard.

and I gotta say, I'm feeling kinda depressed right now.. something that has become a constant for me lately..

I'm just pissed at the fact that everything these days has the word 'last' attached to it.. last lab, last college day, last counter-strike-in-class-while-the-teacher-is-not-watching, etc etc..
even the exams that have slowly sneaked up on me, is the last I get to write here.. and for some strange reason I hate that fact! :'(

Four years back, when I first came to this college, I didn't know what I was doing here.. okay, I still don't know, but now at least I've got many people by my side wondering the same thing..

and now, after living four years at this place that now feels just like home, I can't help breaking apart everytime I think of leaving..

Just a few of the beautiful things I'm gonna miss..

The combine study sessions..
a process that involved alot of kathifying and money going into the canteen owner's pocket before we finally decide to flunk and leave lookin for the exam hall..

Life on the back bench
we weren't like the usual back benchers - unproductive folks who does nothin but sleep. We also played and finished lots of mobile games, ate a lot of food, made music, took cool photographs, and accumulated alot of useless information from the internet (stuff that can help you win a trivia contest), ...besides, well, sleep :|

another of those memorable places.. it provided a perfect getaway for us guys from all the lectures and woes during the lunch break.. taking a drag from a cig while eating n drinking random stuff from ikka's shelf and chattin away.. heaven!

The frags
no other class would be as excited about the project hours as us folks.. to us it meant bringing our laptops, connecting via wifi, launching counter-Strike, and kicking each other's asses for half a day ;)

The birthdays
cake cutting in the canteen, the cacophony that was in fact meant to be "happy birthday to you..", smearing the cake on others,.. in short, scaring the hell out of the people in the canteen ;)

The trips - both official and unofficial
quickly planning a trip, putting it all together, dancing like crazy on the bus on the way, letting go of all the worries in the world.. will they ever happen again! :'(

paper wars
ah! no better way to escape from a boring lecture! someone always set it off, and the rest followed suit. soon every single person would be gettin pelted with paper until the lecturer threw someone out of the class... lucky stiffs!

eating out.. there always seemed to be more than enough food and someone always paid the bill..

The crazy stuff we pulled off in class
the graffiti work, mission peembi, the games,..
the most memorable one was bringing bottles of vodka to the classroom and gettin hammered X)

the dreaded days when exam papers were distributed and the ones who passed (if there were any) gettin their backs owned

customizing the desks with self-made logos and lyrics and whatnot. Even the college ID cards were not spared!

the fact that we were such camera whores ;)
the pics always turned up with people in impossibly stupid poses but who cared!

The occasional trips to bpm or O'mall or wherever.
rarely buying anything, mostly window shopping.. and always appreciating beauty in its natural form - chicks ;)

my shirt filled with all your autographs
truly, the greatest gift anyone could ever give me.. you rock!

The farewell day
one of the best days in my life ever.. made me realize how much I've grown to love this place and the people in it..

Sometimes I really wonder if I could start over.. hop on a Delorean and go straight back to the first day on college so I could live it again.. but then I wonder if I'll screw something up and lose any of the people endeared to me.. I want these memories to just stay the way they are., with all the beautiful imperfections.. :)

besides, life isn't about going back, it's about going forward. The adventure of life is that there's always something new.. a fun game is one that gets harder as it goes, so it is with life.. (guess where I heard this - South Park!)

well, I don't know what the future holds for me.. new challenges, experiences, new friends,.. but I'm sure these 4 years will remain the most beautiful time of my life for ever.. :)

to all my friends, every single one of you.. and especially my beloved AEI 2006-2010 batch. love y'all.. gonna miss ya like hell! :'(

reminded of a song lyric I've heard way back..
"If you should die before me, ask if you could bring a friend."

Measled! :'(

Saturday, March 6

That's it. now I'm truly, literally measled.

Now, I'd be happy to get this disease at any other time. Measles always looked badass on the tv screen, take the classic tom & jerry for example ;)

But now, with just a couple of weeks left in college, and just when life couldn't get any better, this little f*cker had to show up! :@

I just hope that I'll recover soon and be back in time for the tech fest in our college (we've got paintball baby! check out this link :D ) or atleast in time for our farewell day :'(

til then, I'm gonna be home and be a super measled couch potato.

Alright now, the bag's packed and soon I'll be on my way to the land of no internet connectivity..
Good bye to my friends and my online life for a week.

bye.. take care :)

The New Year Post..

Monday, January 4

My new year posts always turn up a little late..
Last year it was a terrible hangover that held me up..
..and this year, it's this confounded road accident that got me a few bruises and stitches and kept me bedridden throughout the holidays.. not a good start at all!

Anyway, I'm here now, and first of all, my belated new year wishes to y'all! :)

Alright, last year I made a list of New Year Resolutions, a list of role models to be precise, and I can't say I've been very honest in achieving them, except maybe the Ace Ventura bit, I pulled off that alright.. :|

Anyway, this being the start of a new year as well as a new decade., I decided to take the whole business of new year resolutions more seriously.. No superhuman stuff that I won't be able to pull off!

So, here goes:

write diary

More laundry and less deodorant (used to be the other way round)

Listen to class (atleast the ones in which I'm present)

Learn some serious programming

Turn up at college on time everyday (!)

Form a band, get involved in the scene

Launch a personal website

Pay off debts

Listen to 100 new albums

write a song

learn the thriller dance

learn touch typing

Bring down my abuse of emoticons

Get a driving license

live instead of exist ;)

A fairly simple list.. but I dont know how many of these are going to go unkept.. Some of them just look harrowing..! (like the early bird part.. OMG!)


Another resolution, not just for the year: No more ads on this blog!
cuz you don't stick them on the walls of your own home, right? :)