The New Year Post..

Monday, January 4

My new year posts always turn up a little late..
Last year it was a terrible hangover that held me up..
..and this year, it's this confounded road accident that got me a few bruises and stitches and kept me bedridden throughout the holidays.. not a good start at all!

Anyway, I'm here now, and first of all, my belated new year wishes to y'all! :)

Alright, last year I made a list of New Year Resolutions, a list of role models to be precise, and I can't say I've been very honest in achieving them, except maybe the Ace Ventura bit, I pulled off that alright.. :|

Anyway, this being the start of a new year as well as a new decade., I decided to take the whole business of new year resolutions more seriously.. No superhuman stuff that I won't be able to pull off!

So, here goes:

write diary

More laundry and less deodorant (used to be the other way round)

Listen to class (atleast the ones in which I'm present)

Learn some serious programming

Turn up at college on time everyday (!)

Form a band, get involved in the scene

Launch a personal website

Pay off debts

Listen to 100 new albums

write a song

learn the thriller dance

learn touch typing

Bring down my abuse of emoticons

Get a driving license

live instead of exist ;)

A fairly simple list.. but I dont know how many of these are going to go unkept.. Some of them just look harrowing..! (like the early bird part.. OMG!)


Another resolution, not just for the year: No more ads on this blog!
cuz you don't stick them on the walls of your own home, right? :)