Measled! :'(

Saturday, March 6

That's it. now I'm truly, literally measled.

Now, I'd be happy to get this disease at any other time. Measles always looked badass on the tv screen, take the classic tom & jerry for example ;)

But now, with just a couple of weeks left in college, and just when life couldn't get any better, this little f*cker had to show up! :@

I just hope that I'll recover soon and be back in time for the tech fest in our college (we've got paintball baby! check out this link :D ) or atleast in time for our farewell day :'(

til then, I'm gonna be home and be a super measled couch potato.

Alright now, the bag's packed and soon I'll be on my way to the land of no internet connectivity..
Good bye to my friends and my online life for a week.

bye.. take care :)