College = \m/

Monday, May 3

They say, the hardest thing you'll ever learn to do is say goodbye...

Now, as I spend my last few days on my college, I think the bloke that came up with the above words deserves a big pat on the back.. there was a time when I woulda just scoffed at it., but now, no.. just no.

I'm sittin here half-awake right now, the copious amounts of coffee I've had and the several ciggies i've inhaled pulling me towards either side of the thin line between consciousness and unconsciousness..

I have a text book open at my side, crying for attention as I sit and type away mercilessly on my keyboard.

and I gotta say, I'm feeling kinda depressed right now.. something that has become a constant for me lately..

I'm just pissed at the fact that everything these days has the word 'last' attached to it.. last lab, last college day, last counter-strike-in-class-while-the-teacher-is-not-watching, etc etc..
even the exams that have slowly sneaked up on me, is the last I get to write here.. and for some strange reason I hate that fact! :'(

Four years back, when I first came to this college, I didn't know what I was doing here.. okay, I still don't know, but now at least I've got many people by my side wondering the same thing..

and now, after living four years at this place that now feels just like home, I can't help breaking apart everytime I think of leaving..

Just a few of the beautiful things I'm gonna miss..

The combine study sessions..
a process that involved alot of kathifying and money going into the canteen owner's pocket before we finally decide to flunk and leave lookin for the exam hall..

Life on the back bench
we weren't like the usual back benchers - unproductive folks who does nothin but sleep. We also played and finished lots of mobile games, ate a lot of food, made music, took cool photographs, and accumulated alot of useless information from the internet (stuff that can help you win a trivia contest), ...besides, well, sleep :|

another of those memorable places.. it provided a perfect getaway for us guys from all the lectures and woes during the lunch break.. taking a drag from a cig while eating n drinking random stuff from ikka's shelf and chattin away.. heaven!

The frags
no other class would be as excited about the project hours as us folks.. to us it meant bringing our laptops, connecting via wifi, launching counter-Strike, and kicking each other's asses for half a day ;)

The birthdays
cake cutting in the canteen, the cacophony that was in fact meant to be "happy birthday to you..", smearing the cake on others,.. in short, scaring the hell out of the people in the canteen ;)

The trips - both official and unofficial
quickly planning a trip, putting it all together, dancing like crazy on the bus on the way, letting go of all the worries in the world.. will they ever happen again! :'(

paper wars
ah! no better way to escape from a boring lecture! someone always set it off, and the rest followed suit. soon every single person would be gettin pelted with paper until the lecturer threw someone out of the class... lucky stiffs!

eating out.. there always seemed to be more than enough food and someone always paid the bill..

The crazy stuff we pulled off in class
the graffiti work, mission peembi, the games,..
the most memorable one was bringing bottles of vodka to the classroom and gettin hammered X)

the dreaded days when exam papers were distributed and the ones who passed (if there were any) gettin their backs owned

customizing the desks with self-made logos and lyrics and whatnot. Even the college ID cards were not spared!

the fact that we were such camera whores ;)
the pics always turned up with people in impossibly stupid poses but who cared!

The occasional trips to bpm or O'mall or wherever.
rarely buying anything, mostly window shopping.. and always appreciating beauty in its natural form - chicks ;)

my shirt filled with all your autographs
truly, the greatest gift anyone could ever give me.. you rock!

The farewell day
one of the best days in my life ever.. made me realize how much I've grown to love this place and the people in it..

Sometimes I really wonder if I could start over.. hop on a Delorean and go straight back to the first day on college so I could live it again.. but then I wonder if I'll screw something up and lose any of the people endeared to me.. I want these memories to just stay the way they are., with all the beautiful imperfections.. :)

besides, life isn't about going back, it's about going forward. The adventure of life is that there's always something new.. a fun game is one that gets harder as it goes, so it is with life.. (guess where I heard this - South Park!)

well, I don't know what the future holds for me.. new challenges, experiences, new friends,.. but I'm sure these 4 years will remain the most beautiful time of my life for ever.. :)

to all my friends, every single one of you.. and especially my beloved AEI 2006-2010 batch. love y'all.. gonna miss ya like hell! :'(

reminded of a song lyric I've heard way back..
"If you should die before me, ask if you could bring a friend."