From the WTF file, another one..

Sunday, July 25

I dig Chinese food.. On occassion we go out and get our fix of the oriental stuff. and the best thing about it is that it's always unpredictable.. Either you get lucky or you end up tasting yarbles.

besides, some of the items in the menu just crack you up!
like this one for instance:

Read between the lines and you might see something(s) that will make you go WTF!!

LifeUpdate 3.0

Wednesday, July 21


It's been a while since I've dropped by, and the blog's been gathering dust..
The inactivity, well it can be blamed on my laziness alone..
but really, what else is an ex-engineering-student supposed to do during his post-BTech days, other than savor in the beauty of life laid back!

Anyway, I DID do some stuff during these days, so dont write me off as completely useless!
..and since i'm back here to get my blogging back alive and kicking (you know I say that everytime!), here's a quick update on what I've been upto:


Well I was not really a fan of sitcoms, mainly due to the fact that I hadn't watched any. (except maybe 5 seasons of South Park, but since when does cheeky toilet humor qualify as situational comedy? no offense to South Park fans, myself included!).
Anyway, deciding to watch f.r.i.e.n.d.s was the best thing I did to myself these holidays.
So, this friend of mine burned me all 10 seasons of 'friends' (I can't be arsed to do the dots everytime), and soon as college got over, I started with season one.
and I gotta say, I loved every episode! It got so much closer to awesomeness towards the end. 'The one with all the other ones' was especially emotionally charged..
So if you haven't watched it yet, I recommend that you do right away!
Hell, it ran its course for 10 full years, what more proof do you need!

Back to Books
Hell no, not text books again! That wont be until after six months when I'll return to college to face those dreaded backpapers!
I was talkin about the other books, the non-textbook books.
I had this habit of reading profusely when I was young, but that part of me slowly died away, unattended.
So now I've started reading again, and I started with 'The Shining' by Stephen King himself.
..and after a month and I'm at page 266, owing to the fact that I only read at night after 12 when I'm alone in my room, to add to the scare.
What I've read so far, it's been one hell of a horrorshow, and easily this is the scariest book I've ever read! :|

Another entry into my already huge list of obsessions. I've always wanted to try photography, but it being an expensive hobby, and me being generally stone broke, it seemed like a far-out idea.
But the other day, I was raiding the house to find anything that'd help me kill some time, and I came upon this old camera that my parents had tucked away thinking it was dysfunctional...
..turns out it wasn't! double rainbow baby! You shoulda seen me, happy as a pig in muck!! :)
So now I own a Canon PowerShot A620, and it succeeded in getting me out of my room.
And now I'm addicted, it's like I'm on Prozac, clicking away pictures like crazy. Sometimes I end up with one decent shot from one whole day of clicking, but hell, that one makes my day! :)

and here's my first real shot:

47 days and no drag
It's been a month and a half since I said no to my nicotine addiction and so far I've been faithful, well, kind of... I still get my temptations :(
and there was this one time when I was really pissed and needed a release. So I went out and bought a couple of them ciggis, and when I got back to my room I gave them a very surprised roommate.
I couldn't do it, and now when I look back on it, I'm happy I didn't :)


Well that pretty much summarizes all I've been doing (and not doing) these days.
A month and a half of joblessness, and missing college life.
Do I still miss my friends? yes. but I'm slowly learning to move on.
until I stumble upon one of those silly photographs.
or when I get a good sms and open my contact list to forward it to my friends, only to see that most of them are not here anymore, most of them in other countries :(
It is a moment of heartache, partly because I'm overwhelmed by memories..

..and partly when I think of the cost of an International SMS. No kidding, it's a fucking rip-off here!! o_O