From the WTF file, another one..

Sunday, July 25

I dig Chinese food.. On occassion we go out and get our fix of the oriental stuff. and the best thing about it is that it's always unpredictable.. Either you get lucky or you end up tasting yarbles.

besides, some of the items in the menu just crack you up!
like this one for instance:

Read between the lines and you might see something(s) that will make you go WTF!!


Anonymous said...

Well, first thank you for your comment, second iPhone is great to look at it, buying it is a little more hard!

I worked in a Chinese shop, omg, their food was horrible, it smell so bad!! Christ I will never forget it, I almost puck!

Diana Bleu said...

lol! its always good to have an "asian" friend!! cooking chinese food on your own is so much easier then!! haha.

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for visiting my blog. Your blog is kick ass!

jb said...

"Suk mee thong" soup? Are you serious?

Do they have suk me panties soup too? lol

- JB

mantiz said...

lol. i dont know.. but I wouldn't have the nerve to try either of them :D