Mustaine: A Heavy Metal Memoir

Friday, August 6

Rock and Roll, and almost all of heavy metal, is a form of art that has always been penalised rather than appreciated by the society.
For the same reason, it is not often that rock/metal finds its way to the silver screen, or the printed media.
But when it does, the result is almost always pure awesomeness.
Whether you are reading Heavier than Heaven (an amazing read btw) or watching the Doors movie (note to self: write a post on rock/metal movies), you'll feel it ;)

Now to the actual point of this post..

One of the most anticipated books in heavy metal history, Dave Mustaine's 'Mustaine: A Heavy Metal Memoir' was released the other day (August 3rd to be precise).

Now if you haven't heard about this guy, or atleast the band Megadeth, you sir, have been living under a Rock!

Alright I've written many posts about them in this blog so I dont wanna go over it again, so just go give a listen to 'a tout le monde' and you'll know why you should know.

So, if you enjoy reading and appreciate a well-written biography, give this one a try.
And if you are a fan of the band, this one's a must read!

The reviews say it's a great read, not just for the typical metalhead. It comes off in a very conversationalist tone, honest and human, and Dave's sense of humor is still intact.
Ofcourse, I'm yet to read the book. but it is Mustaine, he never lets down ;)

Here's the description taken from the Amazon page:

" The fall and rise of a heavy metal icon

Dave Mustaine is the first to admit that he's bottomed out a few times in his dark and twisted speed metal version of a Dickensian life.

Impoverished, transient childhood? Check.

Abusive, alcoholic parent? Check.

Mind-fucking religious weirdness (in his case the extremes of the Jehovah's Witnesses and Satanism)? Check.

Alcoholism, drug addiction, homelessness? Check, check, check.

Soul-crushing professional and artistic setbacks? Check.

Rehab? Check (seventeen times, give or take).

Near-death experience? Check that one, too.

James Hetfield, with whom many years ago Mustaine founded a band known as Metallica, once observed, with some incredulity, that Mustaine must have been born with a horseshoe up his ass. That's how lucky he's been, how fortunate he is to be pulling breath after so many close calls. And Hetfield is right. Mustaine has been lucky.

He has been blessed. But here's the thing about having a horseshoe lodged in your rectum: It also hurts like hell. And you never forget it's there.

Mustaine has battled through it all to achieve dizzying heights. From the early, heady days of Metallica, being unceremoniously let go only to become a world-famous rock star—founder, front man, singer, songwriter, and guitarist (and de facto CEO) for Megadeth, one of the most popular bands in heavy metal—Mustaine's is a story that will inspire, stun, and terrify.

I have high hopes on this one. The people who have read it all say it's pretty awesome, so I guess I'll be reading it soon.

Here's the link to the amazon page if you wanna check it out or read some reviews:

Mustaine: A Heavy Metal Memoir