Sweet Dreams are made of these...

Wednesday, August 11

Okay, before you get sidetracked into thinking this post is about that demon-possessed dope fiend whose music I happen to like..,

it is about the art of lucid dreaming ;)

Well, so far my experience with lucid dreaming involves downloading an ebook on the same two years ago from wikibooks and then forgetting about it.. :/

Since I have so much time by my side right now, I decided to learn something I've always wanted to.
Alot of things turned up, but I narrowed it down to lucid dreaming and Ventriloquism.
and I decided to go with lucid dreaming (abbreviated as LD from here on), cause it's a lot cooler, and well, ventriloquism seems somewhat gay now that i think about it :|

Okay, so what the heck is a lucid dream, you might ask.
Simply put, a Lucid dream is a dream in which you are aware that you are dreaming. Ofcourse, most of us have experienced them, but usually we get too excited and wake ourselves up, while we could've carried on with the dream.

Doesn't sound cool enough? Okay, think of it like this...
you are in the middle of a dream, suddenly you notice something unusual and realise you are in a dream. So now you basically have a world open wide in front of you in which you are ..well, 'omnipotent' would be the right word!
So you wanna do somethin cool? just imagine the laws of gravity doesn't to apply to you.. and just feel yourself levitate..
fly, teleport, morph into a dragon, live your favorite video game,.. you know, when it comes to dreaming, your imagination is the only limit.. remember Matrix trilogy? ;)

Ofcourse, this stuff is not so easy to achieve as it sounds. For some new dreamers, it may take upto two or three years before they attain lucidity, while for most it can come down to a few months / weeks.
and then there are the naturals.. ughh.. they just have it in them! *goes green with envy*

anyway, my quest for lucidity begins tonight (I "started" two nights ago, but you know I get lazy.. :(

If you wanna have LD's yourself, the greatest resource I can point you to is the DreamViews website..
Check out the forum, there's a wealth of information there. The people seem to be helpful, and there are quite a few seasoned lucid dreamers there.. I have a feeling this place is gonna be my new haunt for days to come.
(and they dont do **** <-- this with the f-word, I hate it when forums do that!)

So, like most new LD'ers, I gotta make a checklist of goals that I wanna achieve.. let's see.. *evilgrin*

There's definitely gotta be a first phase to the checklist and that is:

* have a lucid dream :/

and when I'm past that...

* Fly
* pyrokynesis
* talk to my sub-conscious
* Morph into a praying mantis
* Flip off George Bush
* Spend a day in Pandora
* Kick Robert Pattinson in the nutts
* watch a star implode
* make out with Scarlett johansson ;)
* watch a meteorite wipe out the dinosaurs
* play at a Wacken concert
* play some foosball over at joey's apartment
* find my dream guide

Though most (if not all) of these aren't likely to work out, and this may die as yet another small time obsession, I've decided to see how far it goes.. and on the sidebar of this blog I'm gonna update the number of lucid dreams I have had.
it currently clocks in at a whopping ZERO, and will for a long time possibly, but still..

So I'm off to bed now, a couple of hours before my usual bedtime (but still a couple of hours after most normal people have gone to bed)..
wish me luck people..
sweet dreams :)


goldNboi7 said...

I've done it before a quite few times...even though after I "wake up" I can manipulate aspects of the dream (simple changes like flight or actively choosing a specific female from work to have a sex dream about for example), I never have complete omnipotence (all the transforming and cosmic phenomena and that type of extranominal thing), I don't think I have that level of control yet or...some shit...I'm working on it...

Oh, and "I can show you the door"...the trick (for me at least) is to look at like, a clock or a watch...in dreams the numbers are usually scrambled (34:69) or some nonexistent characters, and that's the giveaway that it's a dream and you can do what you want from there. I probably sound crazy, but you read my work so you know I'm actually serious lol...hope that helps, good luck!

cool post, btw...


mantiz said...

yeah dude, it takes some work to achieve that degree of control.. but I'm positive i'll achieve it someday.
..and hell no dude, I don't think you sound crazy.. I've been going to internet forums and readin about this shit for almost a week now so my definition of 'crazy' has surely changed ;)

Doug Stephens said...

I can lucid dream sometimes, usually between the first alarm in the morning and the second "snooze" alarm. And, yes, it is awesome.

Nijo said...

nice article man, definitely got me interested in the art of lucid dreaming :D