When Boredom Strikes...

Saturday, August 14

Too much free time on my hands has always made me do stuff that I consider ..well.. unconventional?

Normally, I'm a bit on the lazy side. Okay, I'll be honest and ask you to skip that "a bit" on the previous sentence.
I'm quite sure that when I get a job in the near future, and I'm asked to choose between an additional 1000 rupees remuneration , or a couple of extra holidays, I would readily choose the latter.. yeah I know, pathetic! :/

So I was naturally overjoyed when I got home after finishing college and parents asked me to stay home for awhile and take care of my body.. and thus commenced a long streak of sleep, sleep., and more sleep :)

But turns out you get tired of even sleeping after a while.. gah! didn't see that one coming! :(

even sleeping in unusual and weird positions didn't help..
So I began doing stuff, not exactly 'useful' stuff by common man's standards..
all kinds of useless crap to help me kill time..
Heck, I even tried moonwalking..! no, not the dance move, I'm referring to some serious bouncing around in a mentally cooked-up 1.96ms^-2 gravity environment in my room.
you should try it too, it's SO much fun (provided no one is watching you)..

Thankfully, the holidays are almost over (never thought I'd say that), I joined a 3-month course and it begins in a few days.. So I had about one more week to waste, and here's how it went.

So here goes, some of the stuff I've been doing in the past week that can be classified as 'useful':

I Cooked..
whoa! I've never thought of me as a good cook, neither does my ex-roomies..
I did some cooking, the simple stuff, and turns out I can't screw up everytime :)

That's a simple omlette, nothin to brag about, but I DID put in a lot of vegetables and other stuff in, and I expected it to taste terrible.. I was reminded of the Irish Beef Stew from the book "Three men in a boat", where they put in whatever they could find in the boat (and montmorrency turned up with a dead rat :D )
.. but this one actually turned out pretty good :)

french fries anybody?? :)

Made a mouse pad...
Got tired of the mouse having a mind of it's on so took some time and made a simple D-I-Y mousepad, complete with a crappy paint job.

Made some Guitar Picks...
Playing guitar means a big portion of your pocket money goes toward buying guitar picks.. They have this mysterious ability of disappearing two days after buying them.. So I found a nice instructable on making picks from old CD's or DVD's.

made a 50 of these., which I calculated would save me about 1250 rupees in the long run :)

Tried some Origami..
Made some paper airplanes, no big deal.. I started out with more complex stuff like 'dragon-in-flight' and 'caterpillar-on-a-leaf' and 'Bouquet of primula' (whatever that is), but they turned out to be pure mindfuckery, so I had to give up and go browse the kids' sections :|

Screw that, here's my squadron ;)

and some quality time was spent engaging the models in "warfare"

"Suck on these!!!" **KABOOM**

Ah.. to be eight again! :)

I know, I seriously need help! :O
But glad this phase of stagnation is gonna end soon and I'll be back with my friends before I know it..

Until then it's just more cooking, testing them on the poor parents, paper airplane warfare, and yeah, moonwalking!


Dodo said...

lol..liked it :)

UTP said...

constructive time waste...not bad at all...