How to Revive a Dead Laptop Battery

Friday, September 24

Let's face it, nothing's built to last forever, and laptops are no exception.

My HP laptop has been gradually deteriorating for the last 5 years since it was bought, and now has a dysfunctional speaker, a touchpad whose left and right buttons no longer work, and a dead battery.

Well, one can do without the speakers (there's this thing called earphones), and the touchpad, but a laptop without battery surely has one foot in the grave.
Especially in our state of Kerala where power cuts happen almost everyday, proper shutdown soon becomes a pipe-dream.

Coming back to the topic, laptop batteries cost a fortune, atleast the original ones do. So before you throw that dead battery out the window and fish out that money outta your pocket, you might wanna try this as a last resort.. and trust me, it worked like a charm in my case.

So here's what i did, i removed the dead battery from the laptop, wrapped it fully in polythene (you can use a ziploc bag too), and kept it in the freezer for one whole day!

Now after a day, i took it out, dried it thoroughly till all moisture was gone, and replaced it in the laptop

I better show you the result than tell it, cause seeing is believing :)

This is the screenshot before freezing the battery:

And this one after the process:

Initially the battery backup wasn't that great. I was able to get only about 5 minutes. so I was somewhat disheartened by the result. But it seems to have regained its capacity over time and now i'm getting a steady backup of almost an hour ;)

So how's this possible?
Cryogenic sleep is rumored to preserve people for years and heal their wounds. Kirsten Stewart looked stunning after waking from cryogenic sleep in that crap movie Zathura. We all know aliens are preserved in cryogenic chambers in suspended animation at hangar 18.

Okay, the last paragraph was a load of bullcrap, but cryogenics is one fascinating topic and i got carried away to ranting about it. My sincere apologies :|

The truth is, the freezing process supposedly reverses some chemical reaction in the battery and this is what rejuvenates it. I don't know the specifics, but many people have had success with this method, so you can just google it and find out what makes it tick.

Anyway, if you are about to ditch your laptop's dead battery i suggest you just try this method. It worked for me, hopefully it works for you too.

Disclaimer: don't hold me responsible if something happens to your laptop, in the worst case it may blow up. Please ensure the battery is completely dry before reinserting.

Good luck :)