Got the blues...

Friday, January 21

Today is a sad day..
Yes, another heartbreak. My favorite piece of internet fiction, which has been running for almost two years now, well, the author chose to kill it today :(

I've written about this guy here before. Nolan Whyte is a writer and a regular guest columnist over at
I stumbled into his previous work, Guitargasm : A Novel, while fishing for guitar tabs at UG a few years ago. Since then I became a faithful devotee of his writings.
If you love music, and guitars, or even otherwise, you should definitely check out his works: On Comeback Road, Guitargasm, and the last one,'Riot Band Blues'

For the typical UG'er, the expression TGIF is all the more relevant, cause that's the day a new installment of Riot Band Blues would hit the site. Yeah, that's what it was, phenomenal. *sigh*
Nolan's writing got better and better over the years, and RBB is, in my humble opinion, a modern masterpiece.
Well, not the kind of masterpiece your English teacher would approve of... there's the occasional f-word. and the drugs. and the rock and roll ;)

So today Riot Band Blues came to an end, running it's course of 91 installments. and it has been one helluva read! I hope Nolan returns with another series soon, though this one will be hard to top.
So, if you'd like to check it out, I suggest you visit Nolan's contributions page @ UG here.
Ah, screw that, here's Part one for ya! Start right here.

So now that's one less obsession. A certain void seems to have formed.. Fridays will never be the same at UG :(

guess I'll have to go back to trolling the comments sections. oh well.

2011 baby!!

Sunday, January 2

Okay, new year is here. and I realize it's time to make that traditional 'New Year's post' :)

So I take a look at the posts I made in 2010, and 2009, and the resolutions, and I realize how quickly time has flown. Seriously, it seems like I made those decisions yesterday, and needless to say, a huge chunk of those went unkept.. Like someone said, resolutions are made for breaking right? NOT!

So I see I made 15 resolutions to stick to in 2010, and I gotta say, they all failed to stick :(
well, except the decision to learn touch typing. I'm touch typing as I write this :)
And I had resolved to listen to 100 new albums in 2010. Though I didn't hit the 100-album spot, it was a nice opportunity to discover some good music I wouldn't have known otherwise.

So 2010 is done now. Looking back, it was like watching an M. Night Shyamalan movie. Alright, 'Signs', if you're looking for a perfect example.
So the year started off awesome, seemed it would turn out to be a pretty good year, probably the best in a while, and then, BAAAM!! just like that... BAD ending!

You know the feeling when you sit i the theater watching a flick with a crappy ending... yeah, you just wanna exit the goddamn theater.
and that was 2010 for me. Inside you someone yells "Call it quits! Call it quits!". But you can't, 'cause you have to live through it.
and yeah, the girl sitting in the row before you is so dang hot ;)

And before you know it, you've lived through another sucky year. Congratulations.

Someone said, it's the number of times you smiled that sums up a year for you. And if my math is any good, 2011 barely sums up to a measly amount.

So, here goes my number one new year resolution for 2011 : Stay Happy! :)

Which also means no more blog posts filled with profanities that I have to delete two days later.

Which also means no more emo songs in the playlist.

which also means 2011 summing up to a HECK lot more! :)

Another resolution is to buck up and post more often here. Only 10 posts in 2010! (*gasps*) now that is some serious negligence on my part! :O

And I really need a makeover, and by that I don't mean appearance-wise (though alot of people seem to suggest, "tidy up!"). I mean, personally / intellectually. I think it's more important than a physical makeover at this stage.
Remember the laundry resolution I made last year? Not important!
brush-clean my conscience, and clear thoughts with speycide (quoting Jimmy Eat World). Screw laundry! :)

Okay, that'd be all. I'm looking forward to a good year this year. Things are definitely starting to look up, So I hope this will be a good one.

and a very Happy new Year to you too! Go Nuts! :)

by the way, that pic is from the comic strip "Calvin & Hobbes". If you haven't read it (which is highly unacceptable!) you should really check it out. Real good stuff, and Calvinball is my kind of sport! ;)