Got the blues...

Friday, January 21

Today is a sad day..
Yes, another heartbreak. My favorite piece of internet fiction, which has been running for almost two years now, well, the author chose to kill it today :(

I've written about this guy here before. Nolan Whyte is a writer and a regular guest columnist over at
I stumbled into his previous work, Guitargasm : A Novel, while fishing for guitar tabs at UG a few years ago. Since then I became a faithful devotee of his writings.
If you love music, and guitars, or even otherwise, you should definitely check out his works: On Comeback Road, Guitargasm, and the last one,'Riot Band Blues'

For the typical UG'er, the expression TGIF is all the more relevant, cause that's the day a new installment of Riot Band Blues would hit the site. Yeah, that's what it was, phenomenal. *sigh*
Nolan's writing got better and better over the years, and RBB is, in my humble opinion, a modern masterpiece.
Well, not the kind of masterpiece your English teacher would approve of... there's the occasional f-word. and the drugs. and the rock and roll ;)

So today Riot Band Blues came to an end, running it's course of 91 installments. and it has been one helluva read! I hope Nolan returns with another series soon, though this one will be hard to top.
So, if you'd like to check it out, I suggest you visit Nolan's contributions page @ UG here.
Ah, screw that, here's Part one for ya! Start right here.

So now that's one less obsession. A certain void seems to have formed.. Fridays will never be the same at UG :(

guess I'll have to go back to trolling the comments sections. oh well.


pankaj said...

poor guy... :( some other crazy stuff will soon catch ur eye... just wait.. as suresh gopi used to say... TIME will heal everything.. :)