Flame On!!

Monday, February 28

One of my favorite pastimes on the internet is logging on to Ultimate-Guitar.com and reading the articles. It is a good place to keep up with some real music news, when most other music sites these days seem more interested in Lady Gaga's wardrobe and 12-year olds going multiplatinum.

Now I don't mean to sound like an old fart but really, I don't get the crappy mainstream music out there these days. You can go ahead flame me for this but I dont see any real musicianship out there.

So, we were saying, UG does have some kickass articles and news feeds, but any regular reader of the site will know that more than the articles, the comments sections are the real deal.
While the articles themselves are plagued with typos, misinterpretations and anachronisms, often with a misleading title to boot, the comments they always contain something that will make your day. and sometimes, week.

Frankly, I don't think any of these communities would survive if it wasn't for the species called Flamers. they are the life of the party!
Flame wars are hilarious things to watch too.
In UG, whenever an article is posted about an artist, some wise-ass comes in and types in a hate comment.
Soon you see the whole community poised in a battle between the so-called Elitists and Fanboys.
Believe me, there's nothing funnier than watching a fanboy go down in battle, hopelessly trying to defend his favorite band, getting pelted with insults.
Alright, that's a bit mean. but funny nonetheless! XD

Flaming is widespread, but more common when the article involves bands like Avenged Sevenfold, SlipKnoT, Black Label Society, and lately, even Slayer.
and don't even get me started on the Metallica vs. Megadeth debate, they seem to go on forever.

After years of indulging in this hobby, there is only one band that I haven't seen getting bashed, and that is Rush. Such amazing musicianship, I'm not a bit surprised.

Anyway, I read this article on UG the other day, and this post was originally intended to talk about it, but guess I got carried away and ended up typing this wall of text instead.


Vince Neil working two jobs in jail
Vince Neil turned himself in to the Clark County Detention Center in Las Vegas about 10 a.m. Tuesday, to serve a two-week long sentence for drunken driving there last June.
Reportedly, Vince is worried about having to "endure" two weeks, and is planning to be a model prisoner so his sentence may get shortened.
A very concerned girlfriend worries that he is not getting proper food or sleep in the jail. and believe me, this was a top story.
According to a Twitter message from Jacobs (an entertainment reporter at KSNV-TV), Neil is "understandably tired and working two jobs." She adds, "I'm very proud of him and miss him tons!"

Okay, a lil background for those who dont know this guy.

You might recognize Vince Neil as the vocalist of the '80s hair metal band Motley Crue.

You should also know that this piece of shit is known for another incident of drunk-driving earlier. and killed a guy, injuring two others in the process.

and all that is in addition to bringing disgrace to the Metal genre by playing in the crappy band called Motley Crue for three decades, making whiny music that made them millions and got them laid.

I know a few of you might actually like Crue, but me, like 90% of the metalheads out there, despise them and all those sunset strip bands.
I mean getting all dolled up like a dame for show after show..? what the hell dude? you got unaddressed issues!

Also, I'm pissed that this prick got it easy. Two weeks in detention, and that's not even a real prison., and still he's whining like a bi*ch. Don't forget that this is his second offense.. i hope they fry him!

Guess I got a little carried away.. I just get pissed when I see these big stars buying their way outta shit.
So I'll just leave you with a couple of comments from the original article, while I go pop in Kill 'Em All on full volume.. for all I know, that record was aimed at pansy hair metal bands plaguing the scene back in the day.



Salvo416 :
You know what he reminds me of? Brett Michaels.. both white trash long haired bearded hicks in overrated 80s bands trying to get publicity.

strung_out1 :
look out Gene Simmons, Vince Neil is creeping slowly towards being the biggest douche in the universe

nargoth :
Don't drop the soap sugar

SweepSDMF :
Jail, the one time when looking like a ****ing woman will work against him...

10pound :
"My reckless behavior cost someone their life and when I do it again....they bring the hammer down on me. So unfair."
Suck it Vince. You fail at remorse.

saved the best for last ;)

PatVanHalen5150 :
2 jobs, eh? I'll put my money on blow & rim.

Trippin' on Minecrack. er.., Minecraft.

Monday, February 14

Back when I as a kid, we had this neglected medium-sized tank outside our house. Once a fat load of sand got dumped into it for some construction work, which never saw the light of day.
So in effect, me and my bro ended up with a new playtoy, a friggin sandbox!
For an outsider, it was just a dirty little tank filled with sand and dirt and decomposed skeletons of insects... but only to the untrained eye!
For inside the four walls of the tank rose Cities and Palaces and Roads. A cemetery for the deceased Gold fish from the aquarium. The big beady ants made excellent slaves. Sometimes the rain came down, wreaking havoc all over the place and massive reconstruction had to follow... Nothing went on in our little world without our consent, well, except the ants mutinying once in a while.. the revolting ones got burned at stakes or drowned in boiling water. We reigned Supreme.

We were friggin' Gods!

Moral of the story : Sure you can have the meanest, beastliest computer in the world and play the most state-of-the-art action game on it, but the sheer kick that you get out of it, can come nowhere near what you get playing with a sandbox!

Such is the power of sandbox-styled gameplay, you are not tied to any particular Storyline, and the possibilities are endless.

Now, this post is in regard to this sandbox game that I've been hooked to the past month or so, MineCraft. Thanks to my bud desmond for hooking me up with this game. man you rock! :)

Now, the whole game weighs in under about 100 MB and you can tweak the settings to allow it to run on any PC. You can play online or offline. You can buy it or get it from the dark side, but I encourage you to buy it, cause it's worth it. besides, it's a mere €14.95.

When you start a Minecraft game, you are spawned into a world of epic proportions.

Mark that spawn point cause you're gonna respawn there everytime you die.
The basic objective of the game is simple :
Make use of the daylight. Collect resources, hunt animals, farm crops, build structures, craft items, etc. etc.
And make sure you have a nice comfy shelter ready before the night. Cause in the night, you wanna be tucked away safely, unless you wanna be tossed around in a thriller dance featuring Zombies, Creepers and Skeletons with crossbows ;)

Did I mention this game has an awesome soothing soundtrack that plays in the background and keeps you relaxed during the daytime.
Also there's the creepy music and monster noises during night that will take you completely unawares and make you shit bricks!

I will say no more, cause I think you should play this awesome game and discover the many facets of the game yourself. So I'm gonna put in a few screenshots and leave you at that.

warm, cozy home

Castle in the works

Arsonist ;)

The abandoned mine

dungeons filled with riches... and horrors.

The monster spawner that churns out several monsters per minute

night of the living dead

About to get my ass owned

Beautiful sunset, the calm before the storm

Current goals:
-> Recreate Counter-Strike map cs_assault
-> Build an intercity minecart network
-> Mine Obsidian and open a portal to Nether

Okay then, load it up and get your creative juices flowin!
and if you get any doubts just refer to the comprehensive Minecraft Wiki.

later :)

LifeUpdate 4.0

Sunday, February 13

Well, looks like another post where I'm not feeling creative enough to think up a decent enough title.
But I kinda like this title, unlike the crappy software program after which it was named (Norton LiveUpdate) :S
So there's gonna be more of these, be warned.!
Series of posts where I whine and complain and fill you in on random junk from my mundane life.
So a word of advice.. see this title? just steer clear.

So, what I've been doing.. hmm..
certainly a lot of thinking. and regretting.
and a lack of (a)vocation of any sort means more time for both.

I think life has hit the so-called quarter-life crisis, except it came a lil early.
23 years.. certainly a lot of good memories. but then why do I constantly find myself wishing I could find a goodamn time machine! :(
balls! there goes my new year resolution down the crapper!

done with the daily helping of self-loathing, now let's get to the updates.!

So I've been..

-> been Reading!

finished :
'Memoirs of a Geisha' by Arthur Golden
Slapstick story about this Japanese chick who goes to Hollywood to make it big, winds up at good ol' Sunset Strip, ends up alcoholic and a groupie at Motley Crue concerts. Sad, if you ask me.

not really..
It's actually an imaginative tale set in early Japan, a mesmerizing life story dictated by one of Japan's most celebrated Geisha. Believe me, it's a novel that refuses to stay shut. What amazed me most is that it's the author's debut too.

Now reading :
'The Shadow of the Wind'
Looks spooky.. but engaging nonetheless. Can't say anything more at the moment cause I've just begun reading.

-> Gaming : will elaborate in a seperate post. :)

-> watching a lot of movies. and some random episodes of Simpsons and Two and a half men.
Watch this space for a generic 'My favorite movies' post.

-> tried to write a song : only to realise it's actually a hard thing to do, to sit on your ass and actually MAKE MUSIC. well, unless you're Creed, in which case you need just three chords and a drum machine for an album full of material.

So, for the time being, Mission Cacophony is on standby.

(refer to beginning of post about lack of creativity and inability to come up with clever names for stuff)

-> listening to some really cool stand-up comedy on radio.
Lesson learned : Russel Peters ain't the be-all and end-all of comedy.
Discovered some really great artists: Carlos Mencia, Robert Schimmel, Chris Rock, Carlin,.. and I know I've only licked the icing!

-> Songs stuck in my head

- Enya - May it be (Blame it on watching LOTR again)
- Switchfoot - On Fire (Blame it on this girrl)
- Smashing Pumpkins - 1979 (Puts me to sleep every night)
- The Pixies - Where is my mind (one helluva trippy song)
- Graveworm - Portrait of a deadly Nightshade (melo- blackened- symphonic- death- metal- whatever, it sounds good!)

-> and a coupla links to wrap it up:

UG Story : All About Nick Avers
A sweet piece of fiction over at UG that I liked.

Shameless idol worship
Dave Mustaine creams Moon Zappa and George Clinton on this episode of Celebrity Jeopardy.

Part II

'VICIOUS' video of the day
Sid vicious slaughters a Sinatra classic, a proud moment in punk rock history!

So long! :)