LifeUpdate 4.0

Sunday, February 13

Well, looks like another post where I'm not feeling creative enough to think up a decent enough title.
But I kinda like this title, unlike the crappy software program after which it was named (Norton LiveUpdate) :S
So there's gonna be more of these, be warned.!
Series of posts where I whine and complain and fill you in on random junk from my mundane life.
So a word of advice.. see this title? just steer clear.

So, what I've been doing.. hmm..
certainly a lot of thinking. and regretting.
and a lack of (a)vocation of any sort means more time for both.

I think life has hit the so-called quarter-life crisis, except it came a lil early.
23 years.. certainly a lot of good memories. but then why do I constantly find myself wishing I could find a goodamn time machine! :(
balls! there goes my new year resolution down the crapper!

done with the daily helping of self-loathing, now let's get to the updates.!

So I've been..

-> been Reading!

finished :
'Memoirs of a Geisha' by Arthur Golden
Slapstick story about this Japanese chick who goes to Hollywood to make it big, winds up at good ol' Sunset Strip, ends up alcoholic and a groupie at Motley Crue concerts. Sad, if you ask me.

not really..
It's actually an imaginative tale set in early Japan, a mesmerizing life story dictated by one of Japan's most celebrated Geisha. Believe me, it's a novel that refuses to stay shut. What amazed me most is that it's the author's debut too.

Now reading :
'The Shadow of the Wind'
Looks spooky.. but engaging nonetheless. Can't say anything more at the moment cause I've just begun reading.

-> Gaming : will elaborate in a seperate post. :)

-> watching a lot of movies. and some random episodes of Simpsons and Two and a half men.
Watch this space for a generic 'My favorite movies' post.

-> tried to write a song : only to realise it's actually a hard thing to do, to sit on your ass and actually MAKE MUSIC. well, unless you're Creed, in which case you need just three chords and a drum machine for an album full of material.

So, for the time being, Mission Cacophony is on standby.

(refer to beginning of post about lack of creativity and inability to come up with clever names for stuff)

-> listening to some really cool stand-up comedy on radio.
Lesson learned : Russel Peters ain't the be-all and end-all of comedy.
Discovered some really great artists: Carlos Mencia, Robert Schimmel, Chris Rock, Carlin,.. and I know I've only licked the icing!

-> Songs stuck in my head

- Enya - May it be (Blame it on watching LOTR again)
- Switchfoot - On Fire (Blame it on this girrl)
- Smashing Pumpkins - 1979 (Puts me to sleep every night)
- The Pixies - Where is my mind (one helluva trippy song)
- Graveworm - Portrait of a deadly Nightshade (melo- blackened- symphonic- death- metal- whatever, it sounds good!)

-> and a coupla links to wrap it up:

UG Story : All About Nick Avers
A sweet piece of fiction over at UG that I liked.

Shameless idol worship
Dave Mustaine creams Moon Zappa and George Clinton on this episode of Celebrity Jeopardy.

Part II

'VICIOUS' video of the day
Sid vicious slaughters a Sinatra classic, a proud moment in punk rock history!

So long! :)