Bleeding Blue..

Sunday, April 3

I haven't cried in a long time, but yesterday I did. and it felt good :)
For the 2nd of April, 2011, goes down in my diary as a truly memorable one. An unforgettable day for a nation that carries the spirit of cricket in its blood and bones. After 28 long years, the Cup is home again.

I remember looking up at cricketers with respect as a kid. Back then, there was just one television set in the neighbourhood, and we kids would all huddle up before it, cheering for the likes of manjrekar and Dravid and Ganguly and ofcourse, the little master himself, Sachin Tendulkar.
Watching the game yesterday, I felt like a nine year old all over again. adrenaline rushes and chewing on fingernails till they were reduced to nothing.. and now sitting here, almost 24 hours after the moment of glory, the feeling is still awesome.! :)

So here's to team work.. and the ability to rise according to the occassion. and the Epic finish.. Chak De India.! \m/

So it seems Indian Model Poonam Pandey went full frontal after all.. here's the video footage of the same ;)

Poonam Pandey bares it all


pankaj said...

u havent cried in a long time??? wtf... i remember u crying not so long ago...:)

mantiz said...

u fakar! that one doesn't count! :D