Easter tidbits

Sunday, April 24

It's the Easter day! Have an egg! :)

It's a beautiful night. All tired and sleepy after the late night mass, back home listening to some soft music on the computer, enjoying the vibe in the cool night air.
and here are my wishes for you and your family, have a happy easter. Sleep tight :)

..and keep a shotgun cocked by your nightstand, in case a creepy looking rabbit comes sneaking into your bedroom at midnight.


So, a quick run-down of the stuff that's been happening.

Okay, let's start with the good news: My bro is getting married this May. and I'm really happy for him. I know this is a late time to break the news but you know, I haven't been around here in a while.
So, just wishing him all the very best and moving on to the less important stuff,
such as,

Yep, it's that time of the year again. You know how I always loved exam time. Three whole hours to let your imagination run unbirdled on a sheet of paper, heck, I'm in!
I'm known to have made my SSD professor wince by referring to the Avalanche breakdown of a Zener Diode as the 'Demise of the Device' in my answer sheet.
Yeah, it was all good fun. but it's no fun a couple of years later, when you're just hidiing under a dark cloud of past mistakes.
Time to get serious. Actually, the time is way due, and I feel I've missed my cue.
but like some old bloke said, better late than never right?
Yep, no more dicking around.

Pumping Iron
Decided to do something about my pathetic excuse of a body so I started eating like crazy and joined a Gym.

These particular words by Dave Draper inspire me:

Are you ready for this conversation? Hey, dude, long time, no see. You’re looking -- I dunno -- bigger, fuller, healthier. I can see it in your shoulders... thicker, more power. You been hittin’ the juice? Just kiddin’! Make a bicep. Golly. You’re also calmer, cooler and more sensational.

Listen to me, guys. By summer you’ll have your wings and you can fly with us. We’re authentic bombers. We do lots of loopty loops. You ever do loopty loops?

Go with God’s strength... Dave

Don't get me wrong, I'm not looking forward to getting all beefy and muscular like these guys (although that would be cool) (if that was even possible for someone like me!)

Just wanna build some flesh over these bones. Cause these days more often than not, I get mistaken for a high-school kid.
Pretty disheartening for a 23-year old guy if you ask me :/

Well, how far this goes remains to be seen. You know I get lazy. It's been just a couple of weeks since I joined, and I'm already on my Easter break away from the weights.
Yeah, I know. Need motivation. Gotta keep tellin my mind something like; I'm Improving my life, one rep at a time :)
Bullcrap. but it always seem to work.

Stay blessed.!