So I was dropping by my dusty blogger dashboard the other day, and I went back and read some of the old posts, just for the heck of it.

And I gotta tell ya, it's an amazing feeling, walking down the memory lane.
The same feeling you get looking at a sepia-toned photograph from your childhood.. or going through text messages saved on your phone from 5 years back.. or just hearing the Windows 95 startup sound.
you feel a 100 years old. *sigh*

I also noticed I have completed a measly total of 100 posts, spanning more than 3 years, which should be considered an accomplishment, given my laziness.
and a quick peek at statcounter told me that my blog has been visited by unsuspecting victims 38367 times. double whammy! :)

So at this point I decided to do a little retrospection. step into the wayback machine and see how my blogging has progressed. Yes it has had its phases, highs, and lows.
and it will only be fair if I start with the first phase:


I. Crappy with a capital C

"Oh look, everyone's got a blog these days! What? it's free? wait, you can make money too?? dude I'm SO in..!"

So I jumped into the blogging bandwagon on the 1st of March, 2008.
I gotta come clean here, blogging was more of a money-making opportunity to me then than anything else. I was in it for the dough.
So, naturally, the posts consisted mostly of 'cool' stuff I found on the internet, a Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V, or just some random drivel.

Goals at this stage: fill blog with junk, get pagerank, sneak in adsense, do sponsored posts, watch my wallet getting thicker.

I wouldnt mention any posts from this phase for the simple reason that they were all crap. However this one might make you crack up, especially since it was unoriginal and copied from somewhere on the internet:

A hilarious way to learn metal genres


II. Not Alone.
The bucks hadn't started flowing in as I thought, In fact, I was yet to see a single dime. All I earned was a couple of visits a week maybe. no comments. nothing. nada.
I also came to hate blogging as I saw it more as a chore.

But then I discovered other bloggers out there. Luckily for me, I started blogging early on, when blogging wasn't this big. So there were many struggling bloggers beside me, trying to get their blogs out there.

Began to see blogging in a new light. Needless to say, the posts started becoming more original and personal. Blogging became fun.

and yeah, thank god for BlogCatalog :)


III. Measled.

That did it. The transition from a vocation, to an avocation. I was totally, hopelessly addicted.
My lifestyle now consisted of surfing other people's blogs late into the night (or should I say, morning??), pots and pots of coffee, and bags under the eyes.

and surprisingly, I started seeing some money. So here's the ultimate tip for ya, whatever you do, you gotta put your heart into it, and the greens will automatically follow :)

Some of my personal favorites from this time
Becoming a Blogger
25 ways to kill time on the internet
Aliens through the ages
An alien encounter
..and the introductory post that was actually the 50th :
Here comes the measles!
better late than never :)


and how can I forget them new year posts, wild and whacky posts written in the wake of sobriety after a particularly wild popping of bottles on the new year's eve.
2009 - 2010 - 2011
and it was during the new year of 2010 that I took the only new year resolution that I've kept: keeping this site completely ad-free. though I get tempted to cheat from time to time ;)

Life bites.
Now I know how people who write diaries must feel. It's nice to have some place you can write your heart out when life for you isn't going that great. It helps heal the wound. well, mostly.
Whether it be losing someone to death, breaking up with a good friend, or just the occassional blues, blogging is a relief.

The countless posts made under influence, most of them that got deleted the very next morning at the first pangs of sobriety.
Here's a tip for you, do not blog when you are drunk, or desperately unhappy, or both.
and here's an example of how effed up a post can get, when the person typing it is too hammered to form words with the 200+ keys he sees on his keyboard.
Sealed with a kiss

and the one post that will always remain my number 1, looking back at the most beautiful phase of my life so far.
college = \m/

So, that's it, I feel like I've just sat through a movie.
and I thought it was pretty good. you might be tempted to throw tomatoes. it's your call really.

All I know is, I'm gonna keep this shit up for many more years.

..cause I friggin love it :)